Mission & vision

We serve as the partner for professionals who aim for a flexible career, by building a lasting relationship with them in the most personal way.

We advise clients in a way that is driven by the optimal balance between tech and touch. By digitalising the process, we make sure there is time for personal contact at the right moment.

By 2025, we will be ahead of the pack thanks to our platform: the fast lane connecting the supply and demand sides of temporary work.

Core values

Customer first

While we may be a large player in our segment of the market, we continue to be a flat organisation. We do not treat our clients (much less our colleagues) like they are numbers; rather, they are our contacts who deserve personal attention.

Learn everyday

Every day, we seek to be slightly better at what we do. We show our entrepreneurial spirit by taking the initiative. We actively look for things that could do with a little improvement, and data analysis is an important part of this.

Connecting people

Connecting people is the core of our existence. Personal contact is an essential part of that. We strongly encourage people to ask questions. We are naturally curious, and we like to show that we are interested. This is the sort of thing that makes
collaborating fun.