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Each year, HeadFirst Group presents an extensive report on its performance, results and strategy in its annual report. Download the report or read about its key components.

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HeadFirst Group proud second place in Flexible Work Market Revenue rankings

HeadFirst Group ranks a proud second place in the Flexible Work Market Revenue Top 100 for 2021. This prestigious ranking features the 100 largest flexible work agencies in the Netherlands, ranked by the revenue they earned in 2020. With a revenue of more than €1.5 billion, HeadFirst Group strengthened its position as the largest employment intermediary and MSP service provider in the Benelux area and proved itself a top 3 player in the overall flexible work market yet again.

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Organic growth in the year of Covid-19

Clearly, the year 2020 ended up being rather different from what we expected. However, HeadFirst Group managed to realise organic growth in this year during the coronavirus pandemic. We are proud of our organisation, and more specifically our employees, for how they managed to deal with this exceptional situation. Moreover, we were able to create added value for all our clients by offering them the flexibility they needed in these difficult times. And because we are entrepreneurs, after all, we mainly focus on opportunities. Read more about these opportunities below.

Opportunities for HeadFirst Group

1. Because of the complexity of the hiring process, outside help is required

2. The need for control over the hiring process has been exposed

3. Consolidation in the employment intermediary and MSP markets

4. Labour market tightness means more demand for our services

5. Organisations are accelerating their automation efforts

Annual report 2020

In this abridged version of our annual report presents you with the management report and the key components of our financial statement.

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